CB177-0001 – Smooth Power Flash Tuner Stage 1 Software W205 C63S

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Tuned Wheel HP & TQ:

532 Wheel HP & 615 lb-ft Wheel torque

633 Flywheel HP & 732 lb-ft Flywheel torque


  • Stage 1 software $1000
  • Optional Matching Warranty $1000
  • Flash tuner $299
  • Saves stock program
  • Reads and clears faults
  • Upgrades can be emailed to you and installed in your flash tuner using your personal computer


Additional Information

Smooth Power Flash Tuner Stage 1 software for W205 Mercedes-AMG


Features: The smooth power flash tuner can upload your stock file for safe keeping, read and clear faults. It can receive software updates from your PC emailed to you by CarBahn. These files can be free updates or increased performance tunes that to match hardware upgrades you purchase from CarBahn. The software comes with a two-year product warranty.


Philosophy: CarBahn software is designed to deliver the highest safe output possible. Smooth power means software tuned correctly, not over-tuned. We always try to make a natural torque curve, not excessive torque at low RPM that falls off rapidly at high RPM. Excessive torque will break the tires loose, break the engine and drivetrain. Managed torque with a smooth delivery makes the car easier to drive thereby faster and more reliable. Most, if not all of our competitor tunes attempt to run too much boost, resulting in active knock corrections which causes surging during acceleration.


Durability: Most if not all tunes on the market except CarBahn reduce safety parameters in the software in an attempt to extract more power. These safety parameters such as knock control sensitivity, super knocking control sensitivity, and catalyst thermal protection are tuned into your OEM software to prevent engine and catalyst failure. When we reduced all the supposed power robbing software protections, we lost less than 8 HP and 8 LB/FT Torque. We have seen many damaged engines as result of reducing these safety parameters! It hardly seems worth it for 8HP.


Doing it yourself: A note on self-tuning tools. There are now programs available that you can buy to tune your car yourself. Many of these tools come with canned programs. Be careful as tuning a high output engine requires tremendous knowledge and experience to extract maximum power without damage.


Emissions legality: A note on down pipes (removing the catalyst). We have run back to back dyno runs with the cat on and off and the power gain is much smaller than most people claim. We all need to breathe the air. Its difficult to get your car its required emissions test without catalyst and it illegal.


High boost with stock engine: We have seen many damaged engines as result of making too much power with a stock engine. While modern engines are very reliable, it is easy to add large turbochargers and water methanol injection and break the engine. On the W205 C63S, maximum safe power on a stock engine is 800 LB/FT flywheel torque. CarBahn makes high performance engines designed to handle more power. More information is available on this web site.


About Steve Dinan: Steve Dinan has over 40 years of street car turbo experience. As an engine supplier we won 3 prototype racing championships and two overall wins at the 24hrs of Daytona partnering with Chip Ganassi Racing. No one know more about tuning high performance engines than Steve Dinan.

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  • 2015-2019 Mercedes C 63 Base Sedan
  • 2015-2019 Mercedes C 63 S Sedan
  • 2017-2019 Mercedes C 63 Base Cabriolet
  • 2017-2019 Mercedes C 63 S Cabriolet
  • 2017-2019 Mercedes C 63 Base Coupe
  • 2017-2019 Mercedes C 63 S Coupe


  • Measured CarBahn rear wheel HP, 532 @ 5,100 RPM
  • Corrected to CarBahn flywheel HP, 596 @ 5,100 RPM
  • Measured CarBahn rear wheel torque, 615 @ 2,900 RPM
  • Corrected Carbahn to flywheel torque, 689 @ 2,900 RPM
  • Corrected to stock flywheel HP, 530 @ 6,000 RPM
  • Corrected stock to flywheel torque 572 @ 4,600 RPM
  • Measured stock rear wheel HP, 473 @ 6,000 RPM
  • Measured stock rear wheel torque 511 @ 4,600 RPM
  • CarBahn HP Gain 66 FWHP
  • CarBahn Torque Gain 117 LB-FT FW TRQ
  • Stock claimed HP, 503 FWHP
  • Stock claimed Torque, 516 lb/ft FW Trq
  • All measurements were done using 93 Octane: gas with factory emissions equipment retained


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