CBG8X-2005 – G8X M3/M4 ZF8 Transmission Oil Cooler

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CSF High-Performance Transmission Oil Cooler for BMW G8X M3/M4 Features:


  • Dual-Core Design
    • 194% Increase in Core & Tank Volume
    • 94% Increase in Fluid Capacity Compared to OEM (CSF 1700ml vs. OEM ~875ml)
    • Two 22mm Stacked Cores = 44mm Core Thickness vs. OEM 28mm Core Thickness
    • Rear Cooler: 16 Rows vs. OEM 14 Rows (191mm Overall Height vs. OEM 155mm)
    • Front Cooler: Additional 16 Rows
  • Made with CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 16mm 9-Channel Microtube for Optimal Oil Flow and Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • Utilizes OEM Top/Bottom Rubber Seals for Optimal Airflow
  • OEM Style “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Drop-in Fit Requires No Modifications to Install
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Ideal for Road Racing, Drag Racing, and Vehicles With Increased Performance and/or Transmission Tuning

Additional Information

Design, Development, and Testing

While the OEM Transmission Cooler is adequate for the G8X in stock form, it starts to come up a bit short on modified/tuned vehicles. Specifically ones that see heavy track/competition use. Transmission oil temperatures have a major impact on the shifting performance of your automatic transmission. If the fluid passes optimal temperatures you will start to see some delays in shifting. Sluggish shifting can be quite frustrating, but the real concern is the damage that can be done to the transmission when temperatures get too high. There are often cases where drivers don’t notice the change in shifting performance due to the gradual onset, but the damage is still being done slowly on a very expensive and important component.

By changing from the OEM single core design to a dual core, CSF was able to increase the overall volume by 194%. This design offers a drastic improvement in heat dissipation and increases the fluid capacity of the coolers by ~94%. Utilizing CSF’s AC Condenser Technology, a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 16mm 9-Channel Microtube design optimizes oil flow and offers maximum surface area contact. These features combine to offer the best possible heat dissipation from the system.


Rock Guard

CSF knows the kind of punishment the front of a car can take on or off the track. The wrong bit of debris flying through the front grille can quickly punch a hole in a cooler. Because the Transmission cooler sits at the very front of the center cooling stack, it is quite vulnerable to damage. In addition, “open face” race style grilles have become quite popular on the G8X. These grilles can add to the risk of debris passing through.


Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • 2021-2024 BMW M3 Competition Sedan
  • 2021-2024 BMW M3 Competition xDrive Sedan
  • 2021-2024 BMW M4 Competition Coupe
  • 2021-2024 BMW M4 Competition xDrive Coupe
  • 2021-2024 BMW M4 Competition xDrive Convertible
  • 2024 BMW M3 CS Sedan


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